All about dreads!

Photo gallery and additional information:
Am I a dreadmaker? No! I'm a Wondermaker, because I want your dreams to come true!
I'm taking custom orders right now, so if you are looking for long-lasting, perfect & beautiful dreads, this auction is for you :)

I'm making all kinds of dreads, from standard kk sealed extensions to crocheted dreads -perfectly straight and tight for perfectionists or textured, with bumps and irregular shape for organic look lovers.

Video tutorials showing how to install temporary extensions are always for free ;-)
You can also crochet these dreads into your natural ones for permanent extensions and they will last even 2 years without any maintenance.

I guarantee you high quality as a professional, experienced dreadmaker (working with human hair dreads since 2006, with synthetic crocheted dreads since 2007).
Check out Anouk Dreadmaker on Facebook for more info & pictures of my work.